Themed issues

Journal of Visual Culture accepts proposals for guest-edited themed issues throughout the year. Proposals must include the following information:

  • The title of the issue.
  • A tentative table of contents (including estimated word counts for each contribution).
  • A 3-4 page summary which covers the aims and objectives of the issue. Include explanations of any contributions that go beyond the format of a standard journal article (e.g., interviews, short contributions, visual essays, etc), as well as a description of where all manuscripts are in the writing process.
  • A 350-word abstract about each article.
  • A bio for each contributor​.

In drawing together this information, please be mindful that each issue is approximately 35,000 words and 128 pages long. The word count is reduced in line with the inclusion of bibliographies, footnotes, references, images, etc. For instance, for a one-page image, the word count will be reduced by ~350 words. Unfortunately if this word and page limit is exceeded it is the responsibility of the guest editors to pay for the publisher’s surcharge.

It is the responsibility of themed issue guest editors to guarantee that all copy submitted to the Journal of Visual Culture adheres to SAGE style (Harvard Style) and that all content is complete and correct (including institutional and email addresses for all contributors, abstracts within the 100-150 word range, 5-8 keywords maximum, references that are correct, and endnotes used throughout). In addition, we would like to remind guest editors to double check that authors’ names are consistent with the issue’s table of contents, within the article, and in the author’s biographical statement. Failure to adhere to any of these regulations may result in production delays.

Complete proposals will be considered by the journal’s editorial group, and guest editors will be advised if a proposal has been provisionally selected for development. Once a proposal is provisionally selected, JVC will assist guest editors in preparing and submitting content for a full issue, and will manage the peer review process for the issue. It is our policy to provide reports only for accepted issues.

Please note: Selected themed issues are not fully accepted for publication until after they successfully pass through the external, anonymous review process. Reader reports may require significant changes such as: reframing the issue’s theme; returning essays to individual authors for revision; rejecting a specific essay while accepting others. Guest editors should not communicate to authors that the themed issue as a whole, or any individual essay, are accepted for publication or forthcoming until after the external peer review is complete. Guest editors may propose peer reviewers, and should collaborate with the themed issue editor in the peer review process, however JVC reserves the right to select referees and assess their reports. JVC may reserve a place in the publication schedule for a selected issue once it is fully submitted and in the peer review process, but the issue may be cancelled or rescheduled based on the outcome of the peer review. JVC will not promise acceptance or a publication date based on a proposal alone.

Please send your proposals to our Themed Issues Editor, Professor Dr. Øyvind Vågnes (oyvind.vagnes [at] uib [dot] no)