Volume 19 Issue 2, August 2020



Cyle Metzger and Kirstin Ringelberg Prismatic views: a look at the growing field of transgender art and visual culture studies

Eliza Steinbock The wavering line of foreground and background: a proposal for the schematic analysis of trans visual culture

K.J. Rawson and Nicole Tantum Marie Høeg’s worldmaking photography: a photo essay

Cole Rizki Familiar grammars of loss and belonging: curating trans kinship in post-dictatorship Argentina

Sascha Crasnow The diversity of the middle: mythology in intersectional trans representation

Sebastian De Line Decolonizing objecthood through 2SQ Indigenous art: Dayna Danger and Jeneen Frei Njootli’s performance, ‘Chases and Tacks’

Robb Hernández Pretty in pink: David Antonio Cruz’s portrait of the florida girls

Kara Carmack ‘I’m a person who loves beautiful things’: Potassa de Lafayette as model and muse

Chris Straayer Trans men’s stealth aesthetics: navigating penile prosthetics and ‘gender fraud’  Heather Holmes On Jesse Darling

Susan Stryker Surviving in the shadow of the un/seen: on the paradoxical in/visibility of El Kazovsky

Stamatina Gregory ‘I do not want to pass’: embodiment, metaphor, and world-making in Patrick Staff’s Weed Killer

KJ Cerankowski Chasing Charley, finding Reed: reaching toward the ghosts of the archive


Dominic Johnson, Unlimited Action: The Performance of Extremity in the 1970s, reviewed by Yetta Howard

Joan Kee, Models of Integrity: Art and Law in Post-Sixties America, reviewed by Adela Kim

Tom Rice, Films for the Colonies: Cinema and the Preservation of the British Empire, reviewed by Hannah M Stamler

Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy, reviewed by Shannan L Hayes